NEW MUSIC – Crooks – ‘Above Me’

Yesterday morning, Cheltenham emo-hardcore five-piece Crooks dropped their latest single ‘Above Me’, which you can listen to by following the hyperlink.

In a word, the song is epic, with over a minute of dawdling guitar and echo-coated vocals before quickly swelling to a crushing drop of guitar and drums. The interplay between the vocals of Josh and Alex reminds me of a slightly less polarised Blood Brothers, and the entire song has a Deftones/Glassjaw feel to it, with a few incredible surprises lurking around the middle and end. Crooks have managed to harness all that is and was good about emo and hardcore before the fringes and the crying took over, and for this we should be thankful.

You can catch Crooks across the UK supporting Mallory Knox on their November/December tour.


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