Track of the Week – Week Six

‘Purple Pills’ by D12

From the album Devil’s Night (2001)

As I made reasonably clear a in week four, I have been away for a couple of weeks, having escaped the cold of England for summertime in Australia with temperatures ranging from a slightly chilly 23°c to a pretty impressive 35°c (coincidentally the day that I was suffering from a dysentery-like ailment whilst attending an outdoor wedding wearing a suit). Anyway, summertime calls for summer music and is there anything better than ‘Purple Pills’? I’m sure there is but I became very obsessed with this song whilst I was down under.

The song is taken from Eminem-led rap collective D12’s (the D is for Detroit) debut album Devil’s Night that sits at arguably the height of Eminem’s popularity, coming as it did between The Marshall Mathers LP and the seminal Up in Smoke Tour and The Eminem Show. ‘Purple Pills’ has possibly one of the most infectious rhythms ever set to tape and the lyrics explore themes of copious drug use and the enjoyment of that activity; lyrics that were almost certainly designed to piss off censors. Piss them off it did and D12 were forced to release an alternate ‘clean’ version of the song, ‘Purple Hills’. The above embedded video is in fact the video for ‘Purple Hills’ that some dude has overdubbed the ‘dirty’ version on to. I also must highlight a comment on the video that I will leave with you as a thought for the week – ‘In 2001 they got forced to change the hook and title to purple hills. Nowadays Miley Cyrus can get naked on a wrecking ball. Yep, we’re the lost generation.’


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