NEW MUSIC – Toliesel – ‘Bones’

Oxford’s own Toliesel, pioneers of the Americana shoegaze craze sweeping the city, have announced a follow up to their 2013 EP Contours. Wilderness Blues will be released on 16th March and accompanied by an intimate release party at The Library on Cowley Road later on in the month. This week the band dropped a teaser of the new EP in the form of ‘Bones’…

To the casual listener it would be hard to tell that ‘Bones’ is a Toliesel song, if it weren’t for singer Jack Olchawski’s distinctive vocals. Attend one of the band’s live shows however, and their ability to seamlessly blend more straightforward Americana (as heard on Contours) with heavier tracks such as ‘Bones’ becomes evident.

I’d be tempted to call the track a straight up rock and roll song, counted in by a brash open hi-hat and carried through by crunchy guitars and Olchawski’s searching vocals backed up by some stellar ‘oooh’s, but I’d probably be doing it a disservice. It’s more like a band exploring the limits (and beyond) of the genre that they have identified with, much like Neil Young, undoubtedly one of the band’s biggest influences, and his work in Americana whilst simultaneously being ‘the godfather of grunge’. Whatever it is, it’s a great glimpse of what is to come from the band and I have already pre-ordered my copy of the new EP.
The Wilderness Blues EP is released on 16th March 2015 on One Note Forever. You can pre-order it here.

You can catch Toliesel live on the following dates:

Thursday 26th February – O2 Academy, Oxford – (buy tickets here)
Saturday 21st March – Seabright Arms, London
Thursday 26th March – The Library, Oxford
Saturday 18th April – Are You Listening? Festival, Oakford Social Club, Reading


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