Track of the Week – Week Seventeen

‘Mene’ by Brand New

Released 13th April 2015

I realise that I’m a little late to the party on this one (two weeks late as a matter of fact) but I’ve been stuck on To Pimp A Butterfly and listening to Death Cab’s first three album back-to-back and then back again (the latter is a semi-permanent state for me, so not particularly news-worthy). Anyway, Brand New, the soundtrack to thousands of spiteful boys and girls’ late teens to mid-twenties are back with their first song since the Daisy album of 2009. ‘Mene’ dropped almost immediately after being played live at a Denver concert a couple of weeks ago.

As various other publications have pointed out, ‘Mene’ seems to be a direct continuation of the type of sound that the band cultivated on Daisy, a somewhat more down and dirty sound to the three albums that preceded it. Divisive but still great. The song itself is relentless from start to finish, kicked off by an 18-second snare roll (beats Seaweed’s ‘Antilyrical’ by two seconds) and frantic guitars and coming to rest at an uncharacteristically short two and a half minutes. The brevity and catchiness of the song will make it a live favourite for many years to come; just imagine yourself, sweating half to death in some faceless O2 McAdademy somewhere, screaming the refrain of ‘we don’t feel anything’, unheard in a hail of decibels. Sounds fucking brilliant doesn’t it?

The appearance of ‘Mene’ and the announcement of tour dates here, in Europe and over the pond only adds credence to the thought that we could see the 5th full-length from Jesse Lacey and co, which would put further gloss onto what has already been an absolutely brilliant year for new music.

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