Track of the Week – Week Eighteen

‘Dance, Dance’ by Fall Out Boy

From the album From Under the Cork Tree (2005)

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the release of Fall Out Boy’s From Under the Cork Tree, an album that changed the lives of many people in my generation, an album that dominated MySpace profiles and MSN Messenger screen names until both faded into obscurity some time around 2007.’Dance, Dance’ is the second single taken from the album and should need no introduction other than that little fact.

One of my best friends and former bandmates returned to the UK last Friday and we met up yesterday at my current band’s gig. He is the reason why I don’t own a physical copy of From Under the Cork Tree, due entirely to the fact that he bought me a copy for Christmas in 2005 but kept it for himself ‘because [the album] is too good to give away’. Yesterday he also said that he believes that our generation are the first who won’t stop caring about music, who will notice when an album released by a (then) little-known alternative/’emo’ band hits an anniversary, and who will still be trying their hardest to find a new Cork Tree when they are 50 years old.

The second memory that I attach to ‘Dance Dance’ is that it was the first cover song I played after joining Joe Man Hater (with the same friend from above), a band whose logo now adorns my left leg and who made a real impact on the music scene in Matlock, Derbyshire from around 2005 to 2008. We played ‘Dance, Dance’ to rooms full of our friends twice a month or more and created a really nice little scene that revolved around us and other luminaries such as 12 Gauge Justice and Long Grass. I had a lot of really, really good times to ‘Dance, Dance’. *smiles*

Also Pete Wentz is a stone-cold lady killer in the video (and in real life, in perpetuity).

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