Track of the Week – Week Twenty

‘Waiting Room’ by Fugazi

From the EP Fugazi (7 Songs) (1988)

My band recorded their debut EP this weekend just gone at the fantastic Witney Music Studios near Oxford and one of my major influences, going into the session (and even the band before that), is Fugazi. I’d probably say more the later stuff, featuring Guy Picciotto’s slightly more intricate guitar work, resonates with me, however the 13 Songs compilation is the album I’ve been listening to in the run up to this weekend past.

The simplicity, yet longevity, of ‘Waiting Room’ is evident in listening to it for the very first time, the repeated phrasing of the end refrain, ‘sittin in the waiting room’, must have soundtracked the disdain and angst of countless people of all ages all over the world in the twenty-seven years since the EP was released. Rightly described as ‘one of the most iconic punk rock songs ever written’ by Stereogum, there’s not much I can say other than just listen to it, I mean really listen.

Fugazi as a band are the supergroup of American hardcore, bringing together members of Minor Threat, Rites of Spring (the so-called ‘original emo band’), Embrace (not the shit band) and Deadline, and signed, of course, to MacKaye’s seminal Dischord Records. I’m not going to go much more into the history of Fugazi, Minor Threat, Dischord etc. because it’s all available in Michael Azzerad’s book, Our Band Could Be Your Life, a must-read for any music fan.

I’m really sorry that this article is pretty lazy – listen to this, read that – but I’ve spent 16 hours in a darkened room this weekend playing the same four songs over and over again, which I’ll be able to share with you soon. Normal service next week, I promise.

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