Track of the Week – Week Twenty-One

‘Infatuate’ by Vennart

From the album The Demon Joke (2015)

I’m going to get stating the obvious over with quite quickly but Vennart are made up of three-fifths (that’s 60% for all you statisticians out there) of Oceansize, namely Mike Vennart, Richard ‘Gambler’ Ingram and Steve Durose, and that is really fucking exciting.

Mike set up a Pledge Music account a couple of months ago to deal with pre-orders for The Demon Joke and, despite getting on that ish pretty late, I managed to bag me a signed vinyl with digital download, the latter of which I received at exactly midnight, and downloaded, battered out of my skull on poorly-made vodka martinis, at around 2am. I decided to wait (read ‘fell asleep’) until this afternoon to give it a first listen and it does not disappoint.

I chose ‘Infatuate’, one of the pre-album releases, for this feature purely because I had forgotten that it was Monday and that I needed to write an article and I have been fighting off the aforementioned vodka martinis from making a very unwelcome reappearance on my kitchen floor for most of the day. Therefore it seemed easier to write about something that I had heard before today, despite the fact that literally every single track on the album is a standout. Vennart’s voice has that alluring quality to it as always and the song is catchy as hell. Denzel’s drums are totally on point and they really keep the song together, as I often feel that delay and distortion can fall off the proverbial cliff if they aren’t backed by solid drumming. When I say that I mean no disrespect to the guitarists; my band’s modus operandi is a hefty mixture of distortion and delay backed up by a solid drummer.

I’d definitely say that The Demon Joke is more accessible than the majority of Oceansize’s back catalogue (though Oceansize’s output is consistently amazing) and so it may be an easy route into the band, or enjoyed on its own. I’m off to listen to it constantly for a week and to try to shake this hangover off.

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