The Emo Velvet Underground: The Legacy of Cap’n Jazz

Today’s track of the week focuses a lot on the scene that built up in the aftermath of Cap’n Jazz, here’s a little pre-read (that I didn’t write)…


Something strange has been happening in the seedy underbelly of music journalism. Trend pieces featured on NPR have been whispering about an “emo revival.” Hipper-than-thou sites like Pitchfork have been squashing their beef with bands that cite The Get Up Kids as an influence. Even BuzzFeed took time away from writing hard-hitting stories like “The Top 10 Funniest Breaking Bad Gifs” and “Grumpy Cat Has The Worst Day At Disneyland Ever” to compose a list of essential emo artists. It seems that the genre is losing the guyliner-tinged stigma that was wrongly attached to it during the heyday of Hawthorne Heights and My Chemical Romance.

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