Track of the Week – Week Twenty-Three

‘Enobarbus’ by Dirty Valuables

From the EP DV EP (2015)

Frequent readers will know that I have been threatening to feature my band, Dirty Valuables, as a track of the week and the day has finally come! Obviously the format of this article will be slightly different, as I probably couldn’t write critically about my own music without sounding like a pompous tit, so here goes nothing.

So here are some facts – we wrote this song just after our first gig, in February of this year. I’d been in quite a barren period creatively and yet we managed to pull this entire song together in around an hour. I knew immediately that we were on to something, with the way that the clean verse riff was put together under the bass and the drums. I just knew that this was something pretty special. On the recording, the way the bass sound came out on this also pleases me greatly. It’s almost squelchy, but in the good way, really driving, and it reminds me a lot of Peter Hook’s work with Joy Division (‘New Dawn Fades’ comes to mind).

We recorded with Jamie Mckivitt at the excellent Witney Music Studios, which was recommended to me by my boy Tommy Playf of Bad News. I found it really easy to work with Jamie and he’s done a fantastic job on the EP, which we will be releasing next weekend, 13th June. Please enjoy the video, it’s really silly and poorly edited (by me) but hopefully it conveys a little bit of what the band is about. You can download for free/buy (please buy) the track here.

Normal service next week, I promised

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