Track of the Week – Week Thirty

‘Mountain At My Gates’ by Foals

From the album What Went Down (2015)

Foals are gearing up to the release of their fourth album What Went Down in almost exactly a month’s time and if the quality of the first two songs released from it (‘What Went Down’ and the above) is any indication, the album will be immense. ‘What Went Down’ gripped me and got me a little excited, but upon hearing ‘Mountain At My Gates’ a lot of wee came out and I instantly proclaimed it the best pop song you’ll hear all year.


It is relatively easy to document the evolution of Foals’ sound from the math-y, mostly clean guitar and tight drum leanings of Antidotes up to ‘Mountain…’ which begins with a luscious guitar riff and ends with full-balls-to-the-wall aural assault (in the best possible way). The linear diagram would probably look something like this:

‘Hummer’ –> ‘After Glow’ –> ‘Inhaler’ –> ‘Mountain At My Gates’

Listen to those in sequence and you’ll understand what I am saying.

For people of my age the breakthrough of Foals represented a generation on the cusp of adulthood, pretending we were leading the Skins lifestyle in some nowhere town with nothing to do but put on gigs and get fucked up. ‘Hummer’ came out as a single shortly after my 17th birthday and Antidotes a year later, just in time to soundtrack a long summer spent sat in the parks and pubs of my town worrying if Grand Theft Auto IV had indeed screwed up my A-Levels and going to gig after gig with no real means of getting home. Now we fast-forward to seven years later and the fourth Foals album brings the promise of more songs to soundtrack lives and life-defining events. ‘Mountain At My Gates’ is the perfect first step into that.

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