Track of the Week – Week Forty-One

‘Save A Prayer’ by Eagles of Death Metal

From the album Zipper Down (2015)

I didn’t pay attention to the tracklisting of the new EODM album before giving it a first spin last week. I got to the back of the album when this track started up and I got that odd sense when you here a familiar song for this first time in ages, but it sounded kinda odd… When Josh (or Baby Duck, as he is known within EODM) Homme’s backing vocals, called ‘sweet Cherokee call‘ in the sleeve notes, kicked in it hit me and I listened to the rest of the song thinking what a bitchin’ cover it was; completely left of field and unexpected, but the best covers are (see Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’, Marilyn Manson’s ‘Tainted Love’ and Ryan Adams’ recent take on Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ in its entirety).

I chose to write about this song for many reasons, including my love for Eagles of Death Metal and Duran Duran. The original ‘Save A Prayer’ is my favourite Duran Duran song and is up there, for me, as one of the best songs of the 80s, hands down, so to hear another band I love take it on and do a brilliant job of it makes me really happy. The EODM version approaches the song in the band’s typical style; with fuzzy guitars and bass and straight drums, nothing flashy, although one could contend that the song has more layers than a normal EODM song. Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes/Boots Electric/The Rev J Hughes, whatever you want to call him, has the vocals nailed on on this track, the ‘and you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance but fear is in your soul’ run on the original is sublime and Hughes gets the feel just right.

Fun as shit cover art for Zipper Down.

Fun as shit cover art for Zipper Down.

I’ve always thought that it must be a lot of fun to be in Eagles of Death Metal, they make groovy, sexy music, ‘an eargasm trapped inside a crazerbeam’ according to Baby Duck. The new album (working title Vagina, released as Zipper Down), released 2nd October, certainly measures up to this hype. Pigeons of Shit Metal they are not.

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