Track of the Week – Week Forty-Nine

‘Drainpipes’ by Joe Man Hater

From the EP Pond Capacity (2007)

JMH logo

Fantastic! Another article that I can use to blow my own trumpet! After seven years of only being available if you asked one of us nicely, Joe Man Hater have put two of their EPs online and available to listen to.

I was first asked to join the band in the capacity of ‘manager’ in the summer of 2006, and quickly graduated from playing egg shaker and tambourine on a cover of ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias at Madison’s Bar in Matlock to joining the band proper as third guitarist, synth player, cornet player, flautist and one-time bassist, with some vocals thrown in for good measure. (As an aside, I, to this day, cannot play the flute or the cornet.)


The author, playing in instrument that he cannot play.


Sturge, at what looks like Madison’s Bar, playing the guitar that was subsequently stolen by bailiffs removing property from Madison’s Bar. Bastards.

I firmly believe that Joe Man Hater are the best band ever to come out of Matlock and now we’re back, with our first gig happening in Matlock early next year. We’ve got a new drummer, a new logo and lots of old songs and we’re ready to put our music penises into your ear vagina, or something like that. I could write the whole long and convoluted history of Joe Man Hater but I’ll save that for the unlicensed kiss-and-tell biography that I will almost certainly never write.

Andy drainpipes

Andy modelling some drainpipes, nice.

‘Drainpipes’ isn’t a particularly complicated song; the title is stolen from trousers that were all the rage in 2006. We were incredibly lucky to record at Treehouse Studio in Cutthorpe, owned by producer Carl Bown who has worked with bands such as Machine Head and Fightstar (interesting fact – I saw Carl on stage with Fightstar at Leeds Festival once). The second best thing about recording with Carl is that his studio is literally next door to a pub which served buffalo burgers, helping to explain the herd of buffalo we saw on the way to the studio… The sonic landscape of the whole Pond Capacity EP (each track featuring at least eight guitar tracks) is immense and I’m incredibly proud of the outcome.


Give it up for Joe Jameson on the bass.

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